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Applications and Enrollment

If you are ready to take a step of faith and apply to enroll in our 2023-2024 courses, now is the time to do so! We ask that all of our prospective students fill out an application. Time has passed since we saw you last, if you are applying for second year, please fill out the Advanced Class Application so we have a chance to catch up and get to know where you are right now. Your application will not be submitted until we have received your $25 application fee. This application fee will be included in your annual tuition fee.


First Year


Second "Advanced" Year

Kingdom Foundations, Identity, and Prophetic Activations

Our first year course is all about introducing you to the Truth, Jesus Christ, and what the Bible tells us life is supposed to look like when we walk the life laid out for us in Him. Our facilitators will walk you through true encounters with a living God, and loving Father, whose manifest presence transforms lives and cultures.

Interpersonal Dynamics, Legacy, and Leadership

Our second "Advanced" year course is focused on creating a legacy. It is our mission to cultivate an atmosphere where you can learn to maintain Kingdom Principles no matter what environment you are in.

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