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Our Staff

Our staff is made entirely of volunteers. We believe in the impact that our class can bring to a community and have dedicated our efforts to bringing Revival into our region!


Kim Chambers


Kim Chambers is a profound speaker, teacher, apostle, and prophet. Her vision for Higher Ground has always been to make this life-giving content available to all who are thirsty. She loves to encourage and activate students to dive deeper and really walk the walk that is a powerful life of love in Christ.


Leah Kaufman


A graduate of HGSM, Leah believes in creating a safe place for all believers to learn what it means to live a life of freedom and authority in Christ. Her mission is to bring the life-changing content that is found in HGSM to all that desire to see God's manifest presence in their lives.


Kristie Hoffman

Leaders Initiative Facilitator

Kristie is a passionate lover of Jesus and a woman that is hungry to see revival in her community. Her focus is in cultivating a safe place and driving momentum into our special Leaders' Initiative class. She is truly delightful and will go the extra mile to make sure that our students connected and engaged.


Randy and Karleen Luka


Randy and Karleen Luka bring vast experience of teaching and empowering their brothers and sisters in Christ.
Karleen has a great gift when it comes to activating the prophetic inside of all of us, and her passion for healing is seen through her relentless pursuit of seeing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.
Randy's passion and hunger for authenticity bring a breath of fresh air to the community that we build. He has a passion to see God's Presence transform lives and a heart for leading our students into true encounters with a Loving Father.

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